My Gratitude Journal is Bitching at Me?!


Is it my imagination or is my gratitude journal complaining about me??


The Power of Dining

Two guy friends of mine* convinced me to go out tonight but wouldn’t tell me what we were doing.

If you’ve read earlier posts in this blog, you may already know what security issues I have. So mix those security issues with a compulsive Capriconian need to get things done while my son is with his dad this weekend, and you’ll realize that going out was not something I wanted to do.

But my friends have been listening to me ramble for weeks now and I figured they know enough about me to probably be right – I need a night out.

So with a bit of reluctance I showered, blow-dried and met Sean** at Adam’s** house. Adam finally told me we were heading to a small restaurant that only takes reservations. He said he had a group of seven folks who were supposed to go, but two canceled so he figured he’d invite us. Adam had already explained this to Sean. “Ohh,” I said jokingly, “the two of you were so secretive about it that I thought you were going to sell me off into slavery and ship me out of the country or something.” I laughed and added, “I was going to tell you that my son and I are a package deal…” thinking maybe a nice rich couple in Dubai may put us up for a few years.

No such luck, I’ll have to gun for winning the lottery instead. The three of us hit the road to the restaurant.

Two women and a man were waiting in the parking lot when we arrived. They immediately introduced themselves so Sean and I assumed Adam already knew them. It was only after appetizers were finished that Adam explained to everyone what was really going on: This was a Meetup based on dining and restaurants, and because the group has a tight RSVP list, Adam sorta’ squeezed in Sean and me.

“Oh!” everyone collectively nodded. Finally a little clarity. It was one of those moments where you realize that it wasn’t the wine and you didn’t have Alzheimer’s. Only one of the members of the restaurant group still looked put-out that non-Members jumped to the top of the RSVP list. Everyone else seemed relieved with the information simply because it alleviated the confusion of wondering who Sean and I were.

At that moment the dinner slid into a calm evening of wine and laughter. I had a few nostalgic moments when I allowed myself to remember and miss going out with my last real boyfriend. But in my new 1YearofSingle style, I allowed the moment, but promised myself I would mentally tally the preference and move on to continue enjoying the night. Which I did.

It’s amazing what a good time I can have when I’m not looking for a relationship. I may join that Meetup and dine with them “legally” next time. I’ll be sure to put tonight in my gratitude journal right next to the entry about being happy app-centric. Lol 😀

* According to Married Guy, any girl who eats food with a guy is possibly on a date with him. I disagree with this theory.

** Names have been changed to protect the guilty!

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It’s fun to see your Account Executive picking his nose on the sidewalk during lunch


I think I’m hilarious!



Full Fat Friday!

My son and I 20130920-081950.jpg


App-Centric & Vibrator Rescue

It’s been a while since I added to my little glossary here on 1YearofSingle, but thanks to Jen, I have two more.


Jen’s telling me I’m app-centric. Okay so I looked-up “centric” because I didn’t think it fits 100% but it sounds so good because her point is that I have apps for just about everything, and thats centric-sounding. Lol. The other is:

The Officer of Vibrator Retrieval

For some reason Jen’s convinced that if her apartment burns down, her mother will be horrified at the discovery of her vibrator. So Jamie* and I are in charge of getting Rufus* but since Jamie has been in the middle of a pretty big move with her boyfriend, I’ve been promoted! I told Jen, “Even if I have a boyfriend when your apartment burns down, I’ll snap on my rubber gloves, sit on his shoulders and grab the box from the top shelf where Rufus lies within just so mom has no idea you’re doing the horizontal – and sometimes vertical – mambo with a rubber dick.”

* Names of friends and vibrators were changed to protect the guilty

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Signs from the universe

Jen suggested I read another book about manifesting positive blah blah blah in my life, and part of the book says I should ask the universe for a sign – just to test the connection between me and whatever manifesting-power exists (like God). So last night after my commute and while driving to the grocery store, I said allowed, “Please give me a sign as to if I should continue talking to _insert name of guy I just broke from here_ by 8am tomorrow morning.” I felt dorky doing this, but also very curious as to how this was going to play out.

“Well, Universe,” I thought, “you have till 8am tomorrow morning.” I entered the grocery store and grabbed a basket, walked down the nearest isle and headed to the meats before I realized the song that started playing very loudly over the speakers…

“(Goodbye My) Almost Lover” by A Fine Frenzy.

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If you dont hear from someone after a breakup, you know they agreed

I check my phone 4000 times a day. It’s very annoying.

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“So Weiner pulled out?”

I said, when a commuter friend mentioned the political news of the day and we touched on my lack of knowledge on the subject.


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When you wake in the morning and theres no texts. Blek ;-P

I did the right thing! I did the right thing! … Say it with me now… I did the right thing!

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Bucket List

Golf Lessons. I want to learn how to golf on a course. I was supposed to learn but broke up with my ex-b, who was going to show me.

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I need to beat something. When I was younger and stressed I would go to the batting cage and hit a few tokens of softballs. I’m pretty sure the cages are closed – and not calibrated anyway – so I may swing a bat when I get hime later. Or just a weight. In any case, its fantastic as a stress reliever and waistline buster.

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“Why Are You Single?”

After years and countless guys asking why I’m single, I’ve decided to tally the list of reasons why I’m single. In no specific order of romances, and often combined:

  • He was an alcoholic
  • He was bipolar
  • He was a narcissist
  • He stole credit cards
  • He smoked weed
  • He was on steroids
  • He heated on me
  • He was a little too much into surfing
  • He was too materialistic
  • He constantly tallied the finances of every one he knew
  • He talked too much shit about his friends
  • He was nasty to me for no reason too many times
  • He was married
  • He wasn’t divorced
  • He wasn’t sure if he wanted to get divorced
  • He went back to his wife
  • He wanted to go back to his wife
  • He went back to his girlfriend
  • He wanted to go back to his girlfriend
  • He wanted threesomes
  • He had no motivation for success
  • He was too obsessed with his job
  • He moved to Florida
  • He lived in Pennsylvania
  • He may have been gay
  • He never told his friends who I was
  • He couldn’t handle my psycho family
  • I couldn’t handle dating while still living with my psycho family
  • He had no backbone
  • He was too white trash
  • He wasn’t a good father to his own kids
  • He was unreliable
  • He disappeared all the time
  • He was a compulsive liar
  • I wasn’t attracted to him
  • He tried to father my son before we were really dating
  • He sweated in a very strange way
  • He was a self-declared womanizer
  • He didn’t listen to a thing I said
  • His mother was dying (she really was)
  • He didn’t like blow jobs

There you go! That’s off the top of my head. I started to get a very Jim Carey, Liar, Liar voice going in my head while I read the list. Sadly some of those are compiled issues.

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Breakup Breath

I was getting a sandwich from Subway (6″ turkey on flatbread, toasted, no cheese, lettuce, spinach. jalapeño, pickles, black olives, red onions…) when I turned to the girl next to me and said, “Clearly I’m not kissing anyone later.” And we laaaaaauuuughed…

I love you, Stinky Onion

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“Oh no, M-F, not today!”*

I have absolutely no desire to see the guy I was dating at work today. Thankfully he’s in another department, but it’s close to mine.

I was thinking about what an ass he’s been. Last week I had a fever and wasn’t feeling well. I sent him a text, but I had got no response to that particular statement, but was later accused of not texting him. I probably would have given him the benefit of the doubt had he not also given excuses about his cell phone dying, leaving his cell phone in various places and him going to a wedding and a Lake George weekend with his “ex” wife. “But she was more like a babysitter during the whole thing.” Right.

I’m really the idiot here, continuing something that shouldn’t have been continued even though he asked me out when he should not have.

And so now I’m going to be like a hiker pinned under a boulder: Im going to have to chew off a limb to survive. Yaye me.

Actually when I think about it, nothing should really change because I rarely heard from him anyway. Lol

* lyric in Prince’s ’90s song, The Pope.