Lost, Annoyed & Quite Pathetic

I feel lost without having someone to “like” and I’m finding that annoying and quite pathetic. I blame this on my parents’ preconditioning.

2 thoughts on “Lost, Annoyed & Quite Pathetic

  1. I’m used to the ‘distractions’ that a crush provides. Daydreaming about some guy his way better than thinking about my problems while I lay awake (insomniac) at nights. I’m not sure if i’ll ever be ready to complete give up on having crushes. As long as I don’ act on it. Besides, we all know what usually happens after you talk to your crush….they turn out to be an ass and never as good as you imagined lol


    1. OMG I completely agree! And look what happened with me – my “McDreamy” turned into “Married Guy.” And the latest blog is about him. What a drama filled nightmare. Just depressing! Blek!


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