Heartbreak and The Dating Game

“The Undercover Asshole” is in here… read on…

Searching For Tiffany's

I’ve learned something through dating. There are three basic different types of males. There’s the genuinely nice guy, the blatant asshole, and the deceptively nice guy.

The genuine nice guy is the one every girl dreams about, the real life Colin Firths or Ryan Goslings. They aren’t perfect by any means, but they have good hearts and good intentions. They think of others before themselves. Treating a woman right is something that comes naturally to them. They are the guys who buy a woman flowers because they want to see her eyes light up, not because they have an ulterior motive or just think it’s something expected of them.

These guys exist. They aren’t an elusive, endangered species. The problem is they’re often snatched up early in the dating game. They’re the high school sweethearts, the college loves. Often times they’ve been hurt deeply by a woman they love and…

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