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“Oh no, M-F, not today!”*

I have absolutely no desire to see the guy I was dating at work today. Thankfully he’s in another department, but it’s close to mine.

I was thinking about what an ass he’s been. Last week I had a fever and wasn’t feeling well. I sent him a text, but I had got no response to that particular statement, but was later accused of not texting him. I probably would have given him the benefit of the doubt had he not also given excuses about his cell phone dying, leaving his cell phone in various places and him going to a wedding and a Lake George weekend with his “ex” wife. “But she was more like a babysitter during the whole thing.” Right.

I’m really the idiot here, continuing something that shouldn’t have been continued even though he asked me out when he should not have.

And so now I’m going to be like a hiker pinned under a boulder: Im going to have to chew off a limb to survive. Yaye me.

Actually when I think about it, nothing should really change because I rarely heard from him anyway. Lol

* lyric in Prince’s ’90s song, The Pope.

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