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Hey hey hey, Goodbye!

I hate the yucky feeling you get after telling someone goodbye that leads to posts like this. It makes me want to smack the happy back into the poster – except today it’s me.

The day I tell a guy that he’s done me wrong, I’m all, “Whoohoo!” but within a few days my world is gray again. I know I did the right thing – yet again – but I’m starting to think my life theme is to be alone. I’m starting to accept that, but it’s just competing with the preconditioning from my psychotic mother as well as a natural need to want real love. I’ve spent decades by myself,* both in family and romance. It gets depressing after a while.

I’m going to once again pull myself out of this and focus on myself, as I should have done repeatedly already. Surprisingly, I’m pretty good at this. I’ve been through it so many times and have friends ask so often that I should put together a Breakup Package and sell it on Amazon.

Today: Family event and my son. Beautiful weather.

It’s going to be a great day!

* I’ve realized that while the youngest in a family of 6, I was almost always by myself either playing, doing homework, etc. It was really only until I was in 6th grade that a family moved in across the street, and I became good friends with their youngest daughter that I truly had camaraderie. 

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