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My Co-Worker Needs Sex

I can be pissed-off at my co-worker for subjecting me to the last few weeks of her bi-polar antics, or I can accept the fact that she’s a single older woman with no boyfriend. The woman needs sex.

The only reason I’m thinking about this now is because I can’t stop the porn-like scenarios in my head of what I’d like to do to McDreamy, and it got me thinking that maybe Daisy* needs sex too. Maybe Daisy’s entire manic, snappy, condescending attitude is really because no one has slipped her the hot beef injection in years.

The other day a commuter buddy suggested I buy a vibrator for her on the way to work… Great suggestion! (And maybe one for me too? No, I still haven’t!)

Have any of you seen the documentary on women and “hysteria?” Apparently a little over a hundred years ago women were pouring into doctors offices with manic-like symptoms. They had a plethora of unexplainable symptoms: on the verge of tears, angry, crying. A nice menagerie of complicated feeling that somehow convinced the doctors to rub-them-out until they orgasmed. Who’s the first guy who came to that solution?? It’s no wonder so many men became doctors.

A few days ago I was describing Daisy’s latest condescending speech to Jen: “Well you can’t just throw up your hands and give up! You’re going to have to start thinking at some point – I can’t think for the two of us!” when Jen suggested, “It’s possible Daisy gets no love in her vagina.”

Aw Daisy. Her flower needs love.

*names changed to protect the guilty

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