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Wake the Fuck Up & Smash the Rose Colored Glasses

I got three hours of sleep last night and I’m a flaming ball of anger this morning. This is the kind of mood than spawned 1 Year of Single in the first place. My friend, Mark, would laugh and say, “Yeaaaahhh, I like it!”

I need an emotional bootcamp. I need to forever shed the guilt that comes associated with doing the right thing for myself and basically, very assertively stick to my frickin’ guns like it’s a Zombie Apocalypse and we’re running out of God-damned ammo.

I’m sick of feeling like I hurt someone’s feelings when they were erroneously involved with me in the first place. (See previous post).

I’m making the frickin’ To-Do list for my year this year and I’m resetting the mother-frickin clock to today. I’m frickin’ single starting today. No more quasi sort-of dating but not really, using the guys situation as an excuse to carry-on with the pathetic crumb snatching that i was doing.

ME. Me, me, me! Thats right, Mark, Yeeeaaaah!

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