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Why Men Love Bitches

Whenever I need to refocus on myself I read, “Why Men Love Bitches,” by Sherry Argov. This book gives the reader permission to be herself, and explains how men appreciate real women. It’s a brilliant insight into men because the book is based on research gathered from men. I reread it constantly because it releases me from the pre-planted notion – from my parents – that I have to keep giving myself fully to a guy to have a complete life.

My parents never appreciated who I was, they never really allowed me to be myself. It was always the direction of coaches and teachers that showed me it was okay to be myself. But there was still an inner struggle: logic versus years of my parents’ subtle signals that implied I wasn’t good enough, that I shouldn’t be myself. Many smart women go through this – we can be CEOs but still have the weak link of parental insecurity planted in our heads.

When my friend Jen suggested this book to me, it was like she passed me the key to the Matrix. It not only made complete sense, it released me from the idiotic view of my ’50s-styled parents that I had to be perfect in order to be liked.

My suggestion is to buy the digital version and keep it on your phone. I’ll be reading mine while my son and I head into the city for a fun day.

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