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Ever spot your ex on a date?

The other night I was with extended family at an event in a small, popular town by me (thought I saw Blake Lively walk by with a guy – that kind of town). As my family and I waited on the corner for the event to start, my ex-husband walked by with a girl. He was wearing the same gym shorts that he was wearing the day before when he dropped off my son, a gray t-shirt, sneakers and round black sunglasses. I recognized his beer gut first, then the gym shorts. I wouldn’t have thought it was him if he wasn’t wearing sunglasses at 9:30pm.

I think I laughed for a good ten minutes. I want to take the man shopping so he can get a quality girl. But I thought of two things: 1.) I am a quality girl. He had me and he blew it wide open 2.) I’m not helping any man. A quality guy will do it himself.

Oh, that made my night more than the actual event.

One thought on “Ever spot your ex on a date?

  1. I’ve had several moments like that …….. I remember this one time when I went to pick up my kids at my ex-husbands house and as he opened the door I started to laugh and before I could stop myself I said “what the heck are you wearing that doesn’t match”…..of course he was too proud to admit he may have made a serious fashion don’t so he said “well this is what the mannequin was wearing”…..hahahaha “well, it MAY have looked good on the mannequin but it doesn’t look right on you”. He blew it off…..of course i didn’t know what i was thinking. …….As I stood by the door waiting for my kids, I saw my ex go into his room and 15 minutes later he came out in a total different outfit on. I started to laugh ………..all he said was “shut up”.

    That made my day ……

    BUT with Mr.Crazy …… when I saw him around town looking like an idiot wearing white socks with black shoes….or wearing a shirt too damn small to cover his beer belly….I just laughed and said nothing at all.


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