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Where the hell have i been?

Where the hell have I been? I feel like I turned on Auto Pilot for the last few weeks and have been coasting through time with my feet up, throwing back a bottle of allergy meds.

I’m on overload. I’ve lost focus on myself and yet I feel like I’m also more introverted than I’ve been in a long time. I’ve piled on a few more things in my life because – in true Capricorn fashion – I can’t sit still.

I’m also thinking about my ex too much. Its very unhealthy and frankly makes me quite annoyed. And yet at the same time, I can’t help but feel empathy for him because of everything I’ve been through with my and my other friends’ dysfunctional exes.

This is causing a conundrum. I want to help him and yet I want to stay far the hell away from his situation as humanly possible. The problem is that I am human, and it’s been not possible to abandon him. I have a problem abandoning people in need because I’ve been abandoned since childhood.

I need to refocus. I need to find a way to refocus. And I need to give myself credit for what I do accomplish for myself.

3 thoughts on “Where the hell have i been?

  1. Do what you think is best and right for you girl. While you may want to help, you have to think how it’s going to affect you. You may find that in the process of helping them, you’re hurting yourself.


    1. I actually agree with you! I have somehow still maintained a small amount of disconnection. Probably because I’m tired of being #465 on someone’s list.

      I’ve got vacation this week so I plan on concentrating on myself again, like I should be. Its a constant refocusing, I’m learning!


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