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If you’re a married woman, tell me about your attitude toward dating right before you met your spouse

3 thoughts on “If you’re a married woman, tell me about your attitude toward dating right before you met your spouse

  1. well for myself I was just coming out of that horrible marriage with Mr.Crazy, I was dipping my toes in the dating scene again which I dreaded …………..but then The Major and I started to talk again, he found out that I was single and began his pursuit to win me over once again……he had to convince me that he was no longer the “stallion” I knew him to be and that he was now a tame old horse ready to settle down in a pasture some where with his lady…haha….all it took was for us to see each other again and after ten years our feelings for one other were still has hot as ever!!

    In all honesty, I hated the dating scene. There was 13 years between my first and second marriage were I just dated …..I tried my hand at the online gig and seriously the men and their profiles were just a big joke. I then just let things happen like it was suppose to I guess…..but then after 13 years of not finding the one made me settle for Mr.Crazy and as you know from my blog that turned out FABULOUS …haha….so who am I to give any sort of advice…hahaha…right?


    1. This is perfect actually. I’m thinking most women are in a state of “uncaring” concerning marriage at the point when they meet their future spouses.

      I think – like Sherry Argov, author of “Why Men Love Bitches” – men sense whether women are looking for marriage or if we are just wanting to be free / date / just have fun.

      It sounds like you were in a freer state of mind when you met your (2nd) husband.


      1. I have to agree with you …..for instance my friend Marie smells of desperation and I think the men she dates can smell this too, while they continue to explain to her that they adore her and want a future with her that doesn’t mean “lets plan the wedding tmrw”… month two she’s expecting the “i love you”…by the fifth month she expecting a ring…..and by month six if nothing happens she pushing which makes the guy mad and fuels her insecurity. I love her to death but she just needs to take it easy….the last thing she needs to do is push a man into marrying her or settle like I did with Mr.Crazy. haha


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