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Romance Novels: Help or Hindrance?

When I was 16 I wasn’t allowed to go many places (clearly my parents were fubar). But i was allowed to read exorbitant amounts of romance novels. There were days that I would read an entire 600 page romance novel and not only (sadly!) try to fulfill my need for normal teenage romance, but I learned a few “moves” at the same time.

This excessive store of mental sexual images is probably why a guy in college once told me, “I bet you’re great in bed!” But after years of trying to avoid both him and negative relationships, it’s causing a problem. I’ve got one very willing guy that I’m very attracted to, and a library of Johanna Lindsey scenarios in my head that I morally shouldn’t enact.

I’m having a real problem.

This year thing isn’t going to be easy. The only thing that’s consoling me is that I’ll have stronger moral fiber when I’m done.

Yeah, I laugh every time I say that too.
So basically I’m returning to my desperate question from a few posts ago…
One of my readers, desireanddepravity, said I should definitely get one – what do YOU think?   😀

5 thoughts on “Romance Novels: Help or Hindrance?

    1. You know, I’ve never been even slightly interested in the 50 Shades of Grey. Could be because my dysfunctional friend was obsessed with it. She also thought it was possible to have a vampire love you for all eternity after meeting for 2 hours.


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