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I can’t stop thinking about sex today

This could pose a problem. Lol

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9 thoughts on “I can’t stop thinking about sex today

      1. This is my forte!
        If you are prepared to spend the bucks, Lelo is your best bet. Their toys are well designed (some of their pieces are more like architectural artworks), slick and discrete. They are expensive, I won’t lie, but they are worth every cent and you need to think of it as an investment (in your happiness!).
        Evolved is another good brand, not as expensive, good quality and fun. Doc Johnson is widely available and reasonably priced. Some of their toys lean on the tacky side, but they also do some more discrete and classic toys.
        Unfortunately with vibrators, often times it is a case of – get what you pay for. You can buy cheap $20 plastic things on any sex toy website, but they are usually noisy, ineffective and if you are sensitive, they are often made of non-medical grade silicone and can cause a very unpleasant reaction.

        If you are completely new to toys, something like this ( is perfect – compact, not intimidating and pretty cute! And hell! You can even buy it on Amazon (and no-one will think twice when you get a parcel from them, right?!).


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