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I’m not hitting on you!

This morning I told a guy that his shirt was on inside-out and he immediately old me that he has a wife. Do men immediately assume the girl is hitting on them?

4 thoughts on “I’m not hitting on you!

  1. hahaha….ohhh no!!! well if the guy had a wife then why did his “wife” not see his error? I would have caught my hubbys snaffu before he headed out the door………..but honestly, when I was married to Mr.Crazy he annoyed me so much that when he would leave the house looking like a complete dweeb I didn’t say one word!!


    1. That’s AWESOME. Lol!
      This particular guy said he’s got young kids so I figured he was just tired. I just think it’s crazy how a lot of guys immediately say something about having a wife. I think it was the way he said it, like, “I have a wife! I have a wife!” I almost wanted to reply with, “Okay so do you need her permission to switch the shirt?” Or better yet, “Oh I guess that means you won’t switch it right here on our commuter train?? Take it off, Big Boy, take it off!!! Whoohoo!” Seriously. Just wanted to let him know his shirts inside-out. Lol 😉


  2. I feel you! People can be so full of themselves. You can’t give anyone a compliment without someone reading too much into it.


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